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Optimise your company’s purchase costs now.

By using the PRETSYS reverse auction platform, you can increase your company's profits by reducing purchase costs. Using the reverse auction technology means obtaining the best market price, and saving time.

The buyer is the protagonist, and we are the tool.

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What benefit can I obtain from a reverse auction?


Economic savings. Average savings of 18% in purchasing direct goods and 25% in indirect goods or services resulting from competition between suppliers.


Greater transparency. Suppliers bid only for the specific good or service, without “potential related agreements” influencing the awarding process.


Savings in time. While it may take day to obtain the best price using traditional negotiations, it only takes a few minutes with the PRETSYS reverse auction portal.


Simultaneous negotiation with several suppliers. The interested parties bid during a pre-established time interval, bettering the prices of their competitors during the auction.

What do we offer you?

For a sporadic purchase, we offer the option of controlling the reverse auction. Our manager organises the event from start to finish, in close collaboration with the company, and provides a results report. You can follow the negotiations at any time. However, the most interesting thing is that our fees depend on the success of the process. If your company wins, we win.

We can also offer you the option of renting a customised negotiation portal bearing your company LOGO, allowing you to negotiate all the auctions with your suppliers.

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Main characteristics of the PRETSYS platform for rent:


Intuitive and very easy to operate. No previous notions or training required. Configurable environment.


SPANISH and in ENGLISH versions (ask about other languages).


Option of sending messages during the auction.


Automatic invitation to suppliers by e-mail for them to participate and confirm their attendance.


2 options for configuring auctions (Ranking / Visible price)


Option of watching the auction as a spectator.


LOG and graphic record of the auction with the savings obtained.


The software is supplied as SaaS (software as a service). All you need is an Internet connection.

No matter the size of the company, there is always room for savings. Find out more!

Ask us for information and start saving now!

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